About Us

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Pool Water Savers is a family-run local company dedicated to providing customers with the best pool water and customer service. Pool Water Savers grew from the desire of the owner Sam Fadala to have a better solution to keeping his own pool in pristine condition. Being faced with the extra hard water that we experience here in the Tucson area along with high levels of evaporation, Sam was convinced that there had to be a better solution than draining the pool of thousands of gallons of water to achieve this goal.

Sam started off his career in technology in the Air Force. His interests lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology Engineering and that led to his strong technology-focused background. Sam applied his technology-focused background and began researching options that could solve this problem. After comparing a number of potential options one solution came out on top. This was the Puripool Process created by Pure Water Industries. After testing the process and much due diligence Sam decided this was the best option in the market to remove solids safely and effectively from water without draining the pool and at the same time conserve water.

Seeing the need for this solution Pool Water Savers was formed to provide customers with the best possible pool water with one overarching goal. That goal is to help pool owners maximize their enjoyment of their pool.

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