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How Does The Puripool Process Work?

Our mobile filtration trailer utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) to lower Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salts, phosphates, Cyanuric Acid (CYA), waterborne diseases, and other contaminants from the swimming pool. The trailers are completely self-contained and run on their own power. Two hoses come from the trailer and one is attached to a pump that takes water from your swimming pool into the mobile filtration trailer. The water is pre-treated before it contacts the RO membranes and then pure water is returned to the swimming pool. Depending on the initial TDS reading, we can predict how long the process will take to lower the TDS and calcium levels to below what can be obtained from your city’s tap. There is no downtime during the process and the interior finish of the swimming pool is never exposed.

How Long Will It Take Your Filtration System To Make My Pool Water Clean and Soft?

Currently, we are able to treat 40,000-gallons a day, to drinking water levels! Obviously, the size of your pool is the deciding factor on how long it will take based on this level. However, most residential swimming pools will take between 12 and 16 hours to complete and commercial pools take longer.

Is This Process Safe?

Absolutely! In fact, you can actually swim in the pool during the filtration process! There are no power cords or electricity in or near your pool, nor are they laying around for someone to trip on. An inch and a half hose with a Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) compliant fitting are placed in one end of the pool to draw the water back to the trailer for treatment and another inch and a half hose returns the clean (drinkable!) water back to your pool. That’s it! We are 100% self-contained and do not need to inconvenience you for electricity or extension cords or an outlet. All we need from you is a fresh water supply to replenish the small amount of water, approximately 15 – 20%, that is lost during the process. With that said, if you choose to swim it is completely safe!

My Pool Water Is Cloudy Or Green/Yellow. Will The Puripool Process Clean And Filter My Pool Water?

Even though the Puripool Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is capable of filtering and cleaning any condition of pool water to drinking water standards, we are not a pool filtering/maintenance company. It is the job of your pool equipment and/or pool service company to clear your water of suspended solids and algae. Our service is strictly limited to the chemical purification of your pool and the removal of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), viruses, bacteria, allergens, and waterborne diseases which your pool equipment is not capable of removing. As such, your pool water needs to be clear, non-turbid, and without the presence of algae.

I Can't See The Hard Water, So How Do I Know It's There?

If scaling has occurred that is the best way to know your water is hard but it isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Your best chance of seeing it is if you turn on the lights for your swimming pool at night. Typically, at night you can see them floating around your pool! Trust us when we say if you haven’t changed out the water in your swimming pool in two or more years, it’s there!