A step by step guide on the puripool process

While we try to do our best to provide you with as much information as possible when we set up the appointment to purify your pool, we realize that we may forget something or that we may overload you with information. For that purpose, we have created this information to try and minimize confusion and clarify what to expect when we get to come to your property and purify your existing swimming pool water.

The process is typically completed in 24 hours

Our setup process takes between 1 & 1.5 Hours

We appreciate your assistance for access to curbside parking

Water Analysis is done before and after the PuripoolTM Process

We are fully self-contained and bring our own power with us

We are able to process 40,000 gallons of water per day

We are able to retain ~ up to 85% of your existing pool water

Safety and minimal disturbance is our goal.

How the Puripool™ Process Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

At Pool Water Savers, we understand the importance of conserving water while ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. Our Puripool™ Process represents the pinnacle of pool water purification technology, designed to save you time, money, and most importantly, water. Here’s what you can expect when we come to your property to purify your pool water:

Before We Arrive

  1. Preparation for Our Visit: We kindly ask for your assistance in ensuring curbside parking is available for our equipment. Moving personal vehicles or placing a temporary placeholder before our arrival greatly facilitates our setup process.

The Puripool™ Process

  1. Setup (1 – 1.5 Hours): Our experienced technicians will quickly and efficiently set up our self-contained mobile filtration system, taking great care to minimize disruption and maintain the aesthetics of your property.

  2. Water Analysis: Comprehensive water tests are conducted both before and after the purification process. This crucial step allows us to customize the filtration settings to your pool’s specific needs, ensuring optimal results.

  3. Purification: Our state-of-the-art trailer processes up to 40,000 gallons of water per day, retaining approximately 85% of your existing pool water. Through advanced reverse osmosis, we lower calcium levels to 200 ppm or less, remove impurities, and significantly reduce water waste.

  4. Wastewater Management: We utilize a garden hose to safely dispose of the concentrated waste through a sewer cleanout, adhering to all local regulations and environmental considerations. If your property uses a septic system, please inform us beforehand.

  5. Water Return: Throughout the process, we replenish the pool with fresh water at a rate of about 6 GPM to maintain water levels, ensuring a seamless and efficient purification cycle.

  6. Completion: The entire process typically concludes within 24 hours, leaving you with crystal-clear, purified pool water. Our team ensures a neat and respectful exit, leaving your property as we found it.

After Our Visit

Final Steps: While we don’t rebalance your pool’s chemicals, we provide suggested adjustments for chlorine and conditioner levels. For saltwater pools, some additional salt may need to be reintroduced post-treatment.

Our Commitment to You

Choosing Pool Water Savers for your pool purification needs means opting for an environmentally responsible solution that doesn’t compromise on water quality. Our goal is to make our visit as unobtrusive and efficient as possible, ensuring you can return to enjoying your pool with peace of mind knowing you’ve made a sustainable choice.

Are you ready for the clearest, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly pool water in Tucson? Contact us today to schedule your Puripool™ Process and experience the difference firsthand.

Thank you for choosing us to purify your swimming pool instead of draining it. We are thankful and desire to provide a seamless and positive experience while providing you with much better and safer water than can be obtained from the wasteful process of draining or refilling. At Pool Water Savers, we’re not just purifying your pool water; we’re safeguarding our precious water resources for future generations. Thank you for choosing a sustainable solution that conserves water, saves money, and ensures the best quality of water for you and your family.

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